Special Monthly Envelope May 2024
Date Published: May 2, 2024

Special Monthly Envelope donations in May will be directed to Mary’s Haven. Mary’s Haven, located in Saratoga Springs, is a residence serving persons with terminal illness who are within the last 3 months of their lives. Opened in 2003, Mary’s Haven has assisted over 325 residents to live out their final days with dignity in a peaceful, loving and compassionate homelike environment, while supporting families and friends as they cope with the impending loss of a loved one. Referrals come from several sources including Hospice, health care agencies, hospitals, physicians, and social workers. Preference is given to those with the greatest need and the fewest options, regardless of race, gender, religion or age. Bereavement care, before and after the death of the resident, is an essential part of the journey to assist loved ones dealing with their loss. Because its services are provided free of charge to residents, Mary’s Haven relies on funds raised through community contributions, memorial donations, and other fundraising efforts. Thank you for your generous support.