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The Schola Cantorum
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The Schola Cantorum

Ms. Kathleen Slezak, Choral Director Every Sunday at 9:00 a.m., the dedicated members of Bethesda’s Schola Cantorum assemble deep in the bowels of the church to begin final rehearsals for that morning’s 10 a.m. service. Having already rehearsed the music for several weeks, the choir focuses all of its concentration on perfecting every nuance of …

Service Music Schedule

The George and Laura Pierce Memorial Organ built by Daniel Lemieux & Associates

Organ Specifications

Bethesda’s Casavant Pipe Organ Specifications of Bethesda’s Casavant Pipe Organ, opus 2927, 1967 The organ has 41 stops and 48 ranks Right Chancel Organ Left Chancel Organ Swell Great Positiv Pedal Rohr Flute 8 Quintaden 16 Gedackt 8 Resultant 32 Salizional 8 Prinzipal 8 Flöte 4 Prinzipal 16 Salizional Celeste 8 Bordun 8 Nasat 2 …

The Concert Music Series

This series is funded solely by your donations and is presented outside the normal schedule of services of Bethesda for the enrichment and enjoyment of the greater Capital District. Upcoming Concerts

Thomas T. Parke Music Fund

The Rev. Canon Thomas T. Parke was Rector of Bethesda Episcopal Church from Epiphany 1968 through Epiphany, 2012.  In recognition of the music program he helped build, a fund was established in his name to help further the musical growth of the Schola Cantorum, Treble Choir, Concert Series and other music in the church. Donations …