Early May Roof Update
Date Published: May 5, 2022
West side of Roof May 2022

We are getting close to having the rest of the old roof removed.  Only the lower east side remains but again the weather is getting in the way. Once the old roof is removed and made water-tight, we will no longer need to cover the pews.

Work has progressed nicely with the addition of metal roofing on the western side of the church.

Of course, much work remains – as the metal clad roofing, trim and gutters still need to be installed. The tentative completion date is early July.

Meanwhile, inside the church, work has started on the side door located in the memorial chapel, in the area next to the organ.  Lamb Studios, which has a long history with Bethesda, removed the glass from the door and transported it back to their facilities for restoration.  A temporary plywood insert was installed, and the beautiful wooden door will be refinished.

A big thank you to the Holy Rollers who have given up some of the weekend to clean and prepare the church for Sunday services.