April Roof Update
Date Published: April 5, 2022

After two weeks of delay due to the unsettled spring weather, replacement of the church roof began on April 4 starting with the southwest section of the church.  From the church interior, this would be the area from the side altar to the right side of the high altar. This section of roof is small enough to be covered and made water-tight prior to the rain forecasted for later in the week. Work will continue as weather permits. Consecutive days of good weather are required to complete work on a roof section to a point where the church interior can be kept dry.

Turnout from the Holy Rollers volunteers has been impressive! Pews have been covered and uncovered in less than an hour. We will need as much help as possible for Wednesday, April 13 starting at 4 pm as preparation gets underway for Holy Week services, which starts with the Stations of the Cross at 7 pm. We will be removing the plastic from the high altar and returning the side altar to its original position.

Special thanks go out to the Holy Roller volunteers who have given their time to protect the interior of the church while the exterior work continues. If you would like to volunteer a bit of your time with the Holy Rollers, please contact the parish office.