Toward a Third Century

Bethesda: Toward a Third Century

In the early 19th Century, Christian residents of Saratoga Springs began meeting as the Society of Protestant Episcopalians using forms of worship authorized by the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States. Within several years, this witness was affirmed with the incorporation in 1830 of Bethesda Episcopal Church.

In the coming years, therefore, Bethesda will mark 200 years as an Episcopal parish in Saratoga Springs, and begin its Third Century. Plans for observing this milestone have already begun to take shape, with a committee of parishioners to guide them. The goal is to begin our Third Century with renewed strength and optimism, but with due regard for the blessings and traditions left us by those who have come before. .

As projects to commemorate our history and tradition take shape, you will see them described here on this page.


Already, the committee has guided to production a new logo, depicting both Bethesda’s history, and its connection to the healing springs of Saratoga. A major theme of the parish is our connection to healing. Christ healed at the waters of Bethesda (John 5), and our parish was named for this miracle. So it is our mission, as part of our plans for a Third Century, to extend Christ’s healing to our community and beyond.

Activities and Projects

Bethesda will not only celebrate our longevity in this community, we will also provide opportunities for giving, to support both capital needs and mission. Details are being developed and will be provided in coming months

Among the projects already launched is a parish history, to be produced under the expert guidance of Jane Agee. Multiple authors are being asked to contribute articles or research support. Monetary contributions are welcome to support the start-up costs of production.

Get involved!

Participation from throughout the parish is welcome and encouraged! If you have time to devote, or an idea to contribute, please see Dean Vang, or any member of the committee: Gordon Boyd, chair, Jane Agee, John Vander Veer, Bruce Solenski, Shane Williams-Ness and Pamela Houde.