Roof Installation

Bethesda is making a major investment this year in securing our historic church building by replacing the roof. The old roof of asphalt shingles is coming off, and a new, raised seam metal roof will be installed to keep us focused on the Gospel rather than the leaks for the coming century or so. As of this week, here is a calendar of some upcoming milestones:

July 8 to August 11 — Removal of the chimney on the bell tower. The furnace flue will be redirected to an new outlet on the west side of the building.

July 30 to August 5 — Scaffolding to be erected on both the east and west sides of the church.

August 6 to November 8 — Removal of existing roof and installation of new roof.

These dates are subject to adjustment as we move forward, if weather or other conditions require change.