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Do you want to be acolyte and assist in Bethesda’s church services?

If so, please read these guidelines

Being an acolyte provides children and young adults with the unique opportunity to more fully participate in the worship service.

Bethesda has an active acolyte program. Generally, acolytes are the children of church members. Many acolytes end up serving many years in a row. The lower age limit Should be 5 -6 but the acolyte must have the physical ability to successfully carry the torch. Recently, younger acolytes have been accepted but they must demonstrate both the physical and emotional maturity required to carry out thier work on the altar.

During the school year, acolytes are needed for the 10:00am service every Sunday and for special services such as Christmas, Maundy Thursday. Each acolyte will be asked how often they would like to serve. Most serve once or twice a month.

Here are some key concepts that need to be considered when thinking about becoming an Acolyte:

COMMITMENT Acolytes understand and agree that they are expected to perform the duties of this ministry faithfully as a personal commitment of their time and talent in the service of the Lord.

ATTENDANCE: Acolytes serve when they are scheduled unless special circumstances (sickness, family emergency, etc.) prevent them from doing so. If an acolyte cannot perform their scheduled duties they MUST inform Dean Vang so other arrangements can be made. It is possible, but unlikely, that an acolyte might be asked on Sunday morning to see if they can fill in. Please understand that Bethesda needs acolytes to serve at these services. The acolyte needs to be at the church and in full vestment at least 10 minutes prior to the worship service.

APPEARANCE: Acolytes wear appropriate “church clothes”. Do not wear open toed shoes or shoes with high heels.

CONDUCT: An acolyte is expected to fully participate in the liturgy by responding to the prayers, reciting any creeds, listening to the readings, and singing the hymns. Other worshipers can see you at all times so please act accordingly. No gum chewing or snacks are allowed during the service. Avoid laughing and whispering while serving on the altar.

Children are trained by the Rector for specific tasks and the children are frequently paired with more experienced servers until comfortable with their own roles. Acolytes serve on specific Sundays according to the schedule mailed out from the parish office. Acolyte roles grow with each child, and a formal induction service is held every June. Leave a message at the church office 584-5980