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Visiting Bethesda

Bethesda is a nationally recognized example of Gothic Revival architecture, designed by Richard Upjohn in 1840.  It is listed as a contributing structure to the Downtown Saratoga Springs Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places.   The church is located at 26 Washington St,  just off Broadway.

There is no on-site parking at Bethesda, however free parking garages and street parking are available. See here for a list of parking options in downtown Saratoga Springs.  The parking lot surrounding the church has gates, making the lot accessible only by credit or debit card.  The rates are as follows:  First 60 minutes, FREE.  Second 60 minutes $2.  Third and further 60 minutes $5 up to $20.  The ONLY gate for churchgoers is the Congress Street gate.  Certain spaces near Washington Street remain reserved for residents, so do not park there.