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First Holy Communion Preparation

Dean Vang will offer classes to prepare young children to receive the Blessed Sacrament for the first time. An orientation will be offered on Sunday, September 10, immediately following the 10:00 a.m. Eucharist. Parents and children should plan to attend.

Stained Glass Window Restoration

Protective glass and better ventilation for our priceless Tiffany and other stained glass windows was installed May 8 – 10, 2017 on the north (Washington Street) side of the church. Lamb Studios’ craftsmen worked diligently Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to complete this project, which was supported by last August’s Building Fund party.

The narthex was the site of the work table, stencil-making, glass cutting, taping and staging. Scaffolding was erected above the front steps, and craftsmen Jay and Joseph executed the project with great care and expertise.

Many thanks to all who supported last August’s fundraiser, and who continue to support Bethesda’s Capital Campaign. And thanks be to God for the gift of craftsmanship and artistry that has enhanced our worship here for nearly two centuries.

Partial view of a Tiffany window showing ventilation aperture created week of May 8 by Lamb Studio crew.



Preservation Foundation Historic Homes Tour

Bethesda volunteers greeted 226 visitors during Saturday’s Historic Homes Tour, organized by the Preservation Foundation. Special guests included SSPF director Samantha Bosshart, Mayor Joanne Yepsen, and Christopher Flagg, director of historic sites for NYS. We gave everyone lots of information about our history and our future.

Bethesda Newsletter – April 2017


Click here to see our latest newsletter – The Voice April 2017

Building Committee and Capital Campaign News

Capital Campaign Leadership: Dean Vang and Wardens Mark Claverie and Darren Miller have asked Mary Withington and Gordon Boyd to co-chair the Capital Campaign.  Other members of the congregation will be recruited to serve on the Leadership Team, alongside all members of the Vestry and the Building Committee.  Volunteers are welcome for the most important job: gift workers.  Please speak to Dean Vang, Mark, Darren, Mary or Gordon if you would like to serve.  Activities will begin in earnest in mid-January and continue until after Easter.  The Congregational goal was set at $330,000.

Music Training Center:  The Building Committee has reviewed and approved a proposed reallocation of space in the New Parish House, providing for a music training center for the choir and other musical activities.  The plan provides improved space for the choir(s), and ready access to the music library as well.


Design Review Commission Approval

The Saratoga Springs Design Review Commission (DRC) heaped praise upon and unanimously approved our New Parish House plans this week. At DRC’s regular meeting Wednesday November 18, 2015, Shannon Brown, our architect with John G. Waite Associates, presented detailed information about the overall look, materials, mass and scaling.  Dean Vang, Building Committee Chair Gordon Boyd and Vestry member Catherine Berheide attended.  One Commissioner called our plans “stunning work”, and the Chairman likewise had high praise for not only the look of the project and its sensitivity to the existing historic church, but the occupancy plans as well and Bethesda’s future service to the community.  Once specific exterior building materials are selected, brick, mortar, slate, etc., they will be subject to DRC review and, it is expected, prompt approval.


New Parish House Sign

New Parish House Sign

Mark Anspach and Geoff Delbridge installed the sign at the future site of the new parish house.


Bethesda received the unanimous backing, along with compliments, for our plans for the New Parish House at the Saratoga Springs Planning Board meeting September 9, 2015.

The Board approved both the environmental impact statement and site plan at the same meeting, which advances the project past a major milestone.  Next will be the Design Review Commission, possibly in October.

Thanks are due to our design team, especially Shannon Brown from John G. Waite Associates, and Mike Ingersoll from the LA Group, for steering the project through the approval process.  Their skill, patience and flexibility has been of great value to the parish.

Memorial – Thank Offering Opportunity

We all enjoy the beautiful altar flowers! Please telephone the Parish Office if you would like to make a memorial or thank offering.


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