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Integrated Timeline

Integrated Timeline for the History of Bethesda Episcopal Church (Integrated with other historical events) By Jane Agee, The Reverend Paul Evans, and Mary Shartle, 2013   1787 Episcopal Diocese of New York established 1805 First Episcopal church at Ballston Center was organized (“Ballston” often refers to Christ Church [1817] of Ballston Center which united with …

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Clergy Timeline

Clergy Timeline for Bethesda Episcopal Church Early Mission Clergy William F. Walker 1833-1840 Deodatus Babcock Edward Davis, D.D. Full-Time Clergy 1841-1843 William F. Walker 1843-1845 Samuel Hanson Cox 1845-1846 John Henry Hobart 1846-1850 Philip E. Milledoler, M.D. 1850-1852 S.S. Wiley 1853-1858 John Steinfort Kidney 1858-1861 Robert C. Rogers 1861-1863 Edmund Rowland 1863-1865 Francis C. Wainwright …

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